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As 1st Place Gold Winners of this National marketing competition, my team successfully created an integrated marketing strategy for the client, Collette Travel, an international guided travel company. With a goal to market Collette's tours to Generation X, we developed a marketing strategy to diversify tour offerings to match the needs of the audience in subsets without disrupting Collette's core business model. We positioned Collette as having the right guided tour options for everyone with the tagline "Your kind of travel. Your kind of perfect." 

In order to inform this diverse audience, we introduced a new landing page featuring a brief quiz, which results in tour options catered to individuals wants. Months after our proposal was selected, Collette Travel implemented our strategy (see below).

Press / Klein College of Media & CommunicationMarketing Edge

Account Manager / Toni Sichel

Art Direction & Graphic Designer / Robin Goffman

Media Planner / Allison Doumith

Researcher / Ioanna Dinoulis

Writer + Videographer / Jon Neikam



Collette Quiz
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