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Creative Strategy

If I ever disappear 
(I realize if I was trying to hide, I'm giving away my secret), I'd be breathing in saltwater air on Long Beach Island, NJ.

My sister & I are always surveying the competition so we can develop the best products for our gluten free baking company,
Bari & Betty's.

Every object we choose to surround ourselves with has a story and in those stories we find ourselves and our magic. This I believe.

Yes, I own a babka tote. Yes, I am a babka enthusiast. Highly recommend Breads Bakery in NYC.

 I wish this book was pocket size so I could take it everywhere. Designing Brand Identity's author, Alina Wheeler, is my superhero.


I work on my grandfather's old engineering drafting table. I like to think I inherited my interest in designing new concepts from him.

You know how they say a pair of shoes can change your day? It's true. The right pair give me the perfect amount of chutzpah.

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